Pinback Buttons


The button templates are important because it allows you or your designer to view the space that can be properly worked within. Anatomy of the button template is the same for all shape & size buttons; the inner line represents the button face, artwork or text that extend past this line will be cut off. The outer line shows how far to extend the background. The template guides will not go to print.

Button Artwork Specifics

Please have your color mode set to CMYK
Convert any text to outlines, otherwise we may lose your font(s) in the transfer
Ensure all linked images are embedded
Save your file(s) as a PDF or AI

Please have your color mode set to CMYK
Create your artwork at 300 dpi otherwise your design may print blurry
Do not merge or flatten the template layers
Save your file(s) as a PDF or PSD

Download Templates (PDFs)

1.75 X 2.75 Vertical Rectangle
1.75 X 2.75 Horizontal Rectangle
1. 75 X 2.75 Oval
3 inch Button
2 inch Square Button
1.5 inch Square Button
2.25 inch Button
1.75 inch Button
1.25 inch Button
1.5 inch Button
1 inch Button


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